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Travel Trailers

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17-ft Travel Trailer



Tear Drop Campers

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The Future of travel trailers is here!

Like you, we have a love for outdoor adventure.


Cortes Campers builds true four-season trailers capable of handling practically anything you can throw at them, so go ahead and take yours anywhere. Your next outdoor adventure awaits!

Cortes Campers are approximately 50% lighter, much stronger, and smarter than anything you've ever experienced.


We've revolutionized the way trailers are built.


Like you, we have a love for outdoor adventure.


For years, our team has been innovating new breakthroughs in performance boating, RV electronics and high-end automotive fiberglass components.

Using cutting-edge materials and next-generation manufacturing processes, we've made all other trailers obsolete.


Stronger, lighter, smarter. We've redefined recreational travel trailers.


With a Cortes Camper, you have the freedom to leave your worries behind. So you can relax and enjoy your next adventure like never before.

"Cortes Campers are designed to last a lifetime."

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